Your success in Big data

Become a

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer

in only 12 weeks!

If you are looking for a job in Germany or a German company, you can upgrade your bootcamp:

  • Data Analyst plus
  • Data Scientist plus
  • Data Engineer plus

The German courses can be booked either before, after or during the bootcamp. The „Bootcamp plus“-option lasts 20 weeks.

Did you graduate, drop out of school or university, want to change your profession, or simply want the freedom to work online from any country? Our bootcamps are the fastest way to get started.

Your advantages:

  • Your future in the online/tech industry after just 12 weeks
  • After 20 weeks if you book a German course
  • Network of growing international companies
  • Refund of the course fee if you don't find a job after the bootcamp
  • Sustainability officer certification is included
  • Job offer guaranteed if you successfully complete the bootcamp

Your current situation


Are you an immigrant and are you planning to work for a German, Austrian or Swiss company? You can combine all of our bootcamps with German courses in different levels (A2, B1, B2, C1).

Regardless of where you live or would like to live – you can complete each of our bootcamps digitally and increase your chances of applying in these countries by participating in our German courses.


Have you fled your home country and are now looking for a new professional challenge in the digital world?

In our bootcamps, which you can combine with German courses, you will find prospects in companies in German-speaking countries that are desperately looking for skilled workers.

Study / School dropouts

Are you looking for the right job for your future? Did you graduate, drop out of school or university, want to change your profession, or simply want the freedom to work online from any country?

In all our bootcamps is the graduation as a sustainability officer included, which gives you a perfect additionally expertise in Green IT.

Challenge seekers

You have already spent a few - or even many - years working in a position with no long-term perspective? Unemployment or early retirement is not an option for you? You don't want to be "old news" and feel fit enough to start a new chapter in your working life? Maybe even start your own business?

This is the right time for a change. The change in your attitude, namely not to give up but to actively shape your working life yourself, will amaze those around you and show your employer, family, and friends a new side of yourself.

Then Greenbootcamps is the right choice for you! After just 12 weeks of training through our online campus, we will match you with jobs that offer real opportunities – a coach will be available to you at all times, no matter where you are.

12-week Greenbootcamps

In our 12 week bootcamp you will learn everything you need to work as a

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer

You will find a well-paid permanent position in modern, internationally active companies around the world. Of course, this also enables you to work as a self-employed professional.

You will acquire knowledge in the areas of business intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning applications, social media marketing and content marketing management.

You will acquire knowledge in the areas of business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI) and all programming languages and application programs in the environment of Big data.

In addition to mastering the tools used in these areas, you will also learn the work processes and methods as well as the communication skills you need to work in international teams and with your customers.

The special aspect of Greenbootcamps is that, in addition to your chosen training, you will receive a certificate as a sustainability officer in all of our courses through relevant coursework. This additional qualification enables you to be a point of contact within the company for all matters relating to environmental protection, energy efficiency and sustainable management, independent of your regular duties.

This means you are jointly responsible for the "green fingerprint of the employer". Since this is important for the public image of your employer, you will also work closely with the marketing department in this area.

20 week bootcamp PLUS – BI-Bootcamp plus German course

For all those who would like to acquire German language skills, want to work in the region of Germany, Austria or Switzerland, have immigrated or plan to do so, we offer German courses (level A2, B1, B2, C1) before, parallel to or after our Greenbootcamps.

Apply now for:

  • Data Scientist PLUS
  • Data Analyst PLUS
  • Data Engineer PLUS

Our Bootcamps are just right for:

All those who seek digital knowledge

You couldn't kick things off after your studies or training? Haven't found a job? Or did you realise that it's not really your thing? Do you feel underchallenged at work and have been waiting for your chance that never came?

Take your career into your own hands now and train for a flexible profession with a bright future, which is in demand worldwide. International companies are desperately looking for this know-how! Not matter where you are, you can work from anywhere in the world.

All those, who are looking for a chance

Have you not been lucky in your choice of education so far? Or did you not have the right qualifications and opportunities to follow your own path after school? Your life circumstances simply didn't allow you to take care of yourself, your job and your career?

Then take your chance now and train in one of our professions with future opportunities. Well-trained specialists in tech professions are in demand all over the world, and the great thing about it is that you can do the job regardless of time and place. The pay is above average and will make you independent and enable you and your family to live well.

About Us

Greenbootcamps is a training provider headquartered in Hamburg-Hammerbrook. Our trainings take place in major cities in Central Europe and Africa and, of course, ONLINE.

Greenbootcamps was born out of the great demand for qualified professionals in the tech sector. Numerous business partners see themselves unable to meet the exponentially growing demand for specialists in the field of data science without cooperation with education providers. Especially in industrialised European countries, the availability of university graduates and skilled IT professionals is far from sufficient to meet the immense demand. Therefore, there is an explicit desire to provide additional qualifications through targeted vocational training in a bootcamp format.

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